Natural products with high quality and traditional taste

Seek to know the Albanian traditional food? Stand to dairy products produced in GJIROFARM . Pasteurized cow's milk, white cheese, yellow cheese, ricotta, ricotta yogurt and butter distinguished not only for taste and original composition, but also for their nutritional values ​​. In these products you will find aspects of local culture, history production and respect for local traditions.

In the market you will see a beautiful variety of qualitative wrappings, accompanied by the stamp of the factory, which assures customers that are buying quality products produced only in GJIROFARM SH.A

Quality and standards

Gjirofarma System JSC HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for production and quality control has been evaluated and approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited in July 2007, according to the requirements set forth in the international code. Certificate facts the quality and implementation of the highest standards for products "GJIROFARM". Collection and transportation of milk from the farms to the factory becomes under suitable conditions.
Milk just milked is stored at low temperatures from the time of collection until the time when we begin processing to the fabric. Milk sent by different farms in the area is collected in the flask placed in the entrance of the factory waiting for laboratory control, standardization and part of the process further.
The caution during collection and laboratory testing ensures products controlled and healthy. Experience and scientific work of veterinarians and farming makes that this process be monitored very well.
The care about the natural food and animal control, prevention of various diseases as well as new training retest observing all the standards for daily hygiene in the management of livestock farms


Modern factory highest European standards

An ancient art in a modern house! Our factory is located in a picturesque location just a few kilometers from the city of Gjirokastra . Known for the application of new technology in Europe, the products are the leading products in the country .After the fresh milk has been collected by the farmers, the milk passes to strict inspection laboratory which not only determines the quality of the milk, but avoids the risk of various diseases.

Quality means not only taste and gastronomy but also guaranteed control. Pasteurization and filtering is one of the most important moments during the cheese manufacturing process. Heating the milk to a specific temperature over a period of time helps the destruction of harmful bacteria.

Southern Tradition

Authentic places - Authentic People - Authentic Products

Gjirokastra or silver castle (as it was called during the invasion of Byzantium) is one of the oldest cities in Albania. In 2005 she entered World Heritage List. Characteristic style building houses with stone roofs which dominate the entire hill gave the name "City of Stone". Old castle situated in a strategic point observing all “Drinos River” valleys. Although old and unique within the city, breathes a life of modern activities.

Gjirokastra also has an important place in the commercial and industrial life of the country. Gjirokastra lies at the foot of “Mount Wide” surrounded by low hills and closed valleys. The climate of sunshine and rain in all four seasons helps to enrich the flora of this nature zone. Besides living nature , is love for dairy products as well as mastery of the first to make Gjirokastra one of the founders of tradition cheese instead . Sweet taste of pasture , ‘’Trendelina’’ surrounding mountains and other wild flowers and determine vecantine feel these products .